Men’s Underwear Advice~the obvious post! :)

Well, seeing as I am the Underwear Prophet, let’s talk a little bit about men’s underwear.

First off, add some comments, what do you wear and why? What do you like to see yo man in?

I think it’s pretty obvious what I wear, from the picture hahaha But, let’s weigh in here on the choices. There are, in fact, a wide array of underwear options for men. Boxers, briefs (tighty whities and colored briefs), boxer briefs (longer briefs), trunks (between briefs and boxer briefs, usually made with man made fabric), jockstraps (straped around the butt cheeks, but bare in the back), thongs, g-strings (fabric going between the butt cheeks), bikini briefs (smallest of the briefs), full cut briefs (usually called standard briefs, kind of the old fashioned ones, usually called tighty whities), sport briefs (not really sure what these are, it seems that different companies have different definitions), long johns (waist to ankle), union suits (one-piece from neck to ankles, the kind Santa probably wears ) and the list goes on and on. The fact is, there just might be more underwear options for men, than there are for women.

As you can see, there are many styles, colors, and probably flavors to suit everyone’s needs. Of course, there are some that marketed mostly to men in the gay community. Underwear is probably one of the biggest fetishes, maybe for straight and gay men. But, it’s not as though everyone wears the ‘special’ ones on a regular basis.

Do men really care and why? If a single man says he doesn’t care, then he’s lying. The truth is, most women prefer to see a man wearing boxers or at the very least, boxer briefs. But, let’s be honest, novelty boxers after university/college are not really what you want to be wearing. Most men who wear boxers say that they like the freedom that they feel, I think the feminine influence has more to do with that then the freedom (in my opinion). The truth is, loose-ish briefs are probably the most comfortable to wear, but, not the most flattering. Ladies, if your man is wearing boxer briefs, it’s probably because he is secretly wishes he was wearing briefs, at heart ,and the boxer briefs are a good compromise for both of you.  I personally hate boxers and boxer briefs because I used to be a runner/mountain biker and my thighs are pretty big. Extra material on my thighs is just not comfortable for me and damn, it just gets so hot in the summer. Trunks are also a good choice because they fabric is usually pretty cool and breathable and they hold the package well. But, I discovered Banana Republic pima briefs and they are by far the most comfortable underwear I have EVER worn. I have gone through stages of wearing every kind of underwear except thongs and g-strings(which, in my opinion, should be for the ladies~just my thinking, that’s all, I don’t want to offend any thong wearers out there). In truth, I don’t even know how they can find that underwear comfortable, but who am I to judge. Jockstraps, well, I think they’re good for the purpose they were meant for.

Overall, I believe every man should own at least a one or two pairs of the standards: boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks. There are even some good bikini briefs out there that are good, if you’re a low waisted jean wearer. Check out the white pair I added.

Ladies, if you love your man and tell him that you only want him wearing one kind of underwear, you are not really taking into consideration that sometimes, certain underwear is just not comfortable. Aren’t there times that you wish you could wear a pair of cull cotton underwear? Our testicles, in fact, need a variety of conditions to perform under ideal circumstances. The concept that briefs lowers sperm count has been proven to be a myth, unless wearing tight tight briefs ALL the time. But, that’s not even comfortable for the man, to begin with. There are many doctors now who believe a combination of both is best as both  provide different needs for a man’s testees. A side note, since the increasing use of boxers, sperm counts have actually gone down in the U.S. However, a man should never wear tight briefs, it’s just bad in every way. A man should also never wear boxers when exercising or playing sports, the testees need support during these times or serious injuries can happen.

So, there you have it. A little information to do with what you choose. But, guys, stick to a variety of the 4 standard types these days, there are good reasons to wear them all. It’s not just who sees them, that is important. Shocking as that sounds.

**I took these pics from a variety of sources from the internet, I apologise in advance if that is a problem. Just let me know, and I will take them off 🙂 The pics, that is, not my underwear haha

Take the poll, then please leave a comment explaining your choice. Thanks.

29 thoughts on “Men’s Underwear Advice~the obvious post! :)

  1. I wear thongs and yes they are comfortable if you buy the right size. The strap takes some getting used to but after a while you will not notice it anymore. My gf loves them on my and we both also wear them on the beach. There are more men wearing thongs then people think..

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  2. I own all types–except g-strings and thongs. I wear mostly boxerbriefs or trunks although I like briefs, I guess they’re sort of old fashion and I want to appear younger. lol. Don’t like boxers much as I’m usually hanging out of them–Don’t know what the FREEDOM thing is all about unless its the freedom to be seen. LOL. I grew up with the old type jockstrap and I like the look but they’re just not as practical for sports as other styles. My wife doesn’t seem to care what I wear as long as they aren’t ripped or holely–although she has thrown a few pair of my favorites that I felt still had some life left in them.

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    1. Hi Sonny,
      What are your favourite brands? And I’m sure some guys might even want to purchase some of theose old holely undrwear haha


  3. Lately i have been forced to wear ladies panties, and Wow! what a turn on!
    i used to hate guys that wore even vaguely feminine bikinies. i know this is not for most men but they really get my juices flowing. i even wear them to the doctor’s office.

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  4. Well, the way I see it, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s under your clothes so no one could be offended~whatever makes you happy 🙂 It’s not my thing, if you wear them in front of others who don’t appreciate it or are not as open as ome people, I’d be careful. There are some closed and narrow minded people out there.


    1. Thank you for your comments.
      Oh it was not by choice. By way of submission to a Dominant man i was forced to buy and wear ladies panties for the humiliation and shame. It works, it really does. i am obedient and sexually stimulated.
      If someone does notice and ask about them i am forced to explain. Not always as comfortable a good cotton briefs, but definitely more exciting.

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    1. Sorry, I somehow missed your comment. I do like boxer briefs too, but I find that it’s just too much material around my thighs~for me. I prefer a good supportive but not too constricting pair of briefs. Do you recommend any bb’s in particular? I see you have your online underwear business, it looks great and I would definitely recommend everyone to check if out. Take care and thanks for your comment 🙂


    1. I definitely like ’em. I’m a die hard brief guy, the briefer the better haha I don’t like a lot of material on my thighs. It’s 37c here right now, I’d be naked if I could go to work like that haha


      1. John, I decided to give your site a real ‘plug’ with a new post,I hope it gets you some purchases. I’ll check out more of your site and probably make some purchases in the next little while.


  5. I wear only thong undies and bathing suits. They are SO comfy. I am healthy and fit, but only weigh 120 pounds. Thongs are cool because you aren’t always having to adjust and they provide excelent support for doing sports.

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    1. Thongs definitely seem to be gaining in popularity. Although I probably won’t wear them, I’m glad you have found something that you enjoy wearing. I know moat of the major labels make thongs, but do you think they will ever become more mainstream?


  6. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme.

    Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thank you


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