I can’t believe it! I’ve actually had people view my blog 50,000 times–crazy!! What should I do to celebrate?! SUGGESTIONS AND REQUESTS ARE WELCOME!!! Thanks everyone for all of your support and although I don’t get to chat as often as I like, I hope I make the time that I do have, count! Perhaps I can do a scheduled strip show to my briefs? Then finish it however you like 😉 The more the merrier, we all know how much I like an audience 😉 If this is something you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments. Thanks again everyone!


49,500 views of my blog…just 500 more until I reach 50,000!!

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I’ve come and gone from my blog and through this entire process, I’ve learned so much about people and more specifically about myself. I am in complete shock that it’s been viewed so many times and I truly appreciate each and every one of your for taking the time to get to know me through this. I wish I were able to devote all of my working time to this and to somehow expand on it in some way. I also wish I had the time to chat with each and every one of you on a daily basis to learn more about you and your daily lives–however, I have a job and my life outside of this that keep me VERY busy–I thank all of you for taking the time to try to learn more about me and my life–of course, I do like to keep some things private. I also would like to thank most of your for respecting this. However, I am always glad to learn more about your lives. Thank you for all of your support, still trying to figure out how to commemorate 50,000 when it comes and still accepting suggestions. Thank you again and all the best!


HARD way to start the week!


What that hand is hiding is a raging hard on. My cock gets ver hard when I think about you guys checking out my pics and reading my blog–I’m just about going to go and stroke it right now thinking about it. I want to hear more from you–have we stroked together? Have you stroked your cock while enjoying my pics? How many times? What would you do if I were there with you? I want to read it all. As I write this, I’m just getting harder thinking about it. Tell me all of the details.


Sunday Undies May 11th. Preparing for 50,000 views!!! Domingo Calecons 11 de mayo. ! Preparación para 50.000 visitas!









This time of year never fails to be incredibly busy for me, good busy but busy nonetheless. Just thought I’d share a quick pic with my buddies to show my appreciation for continuing to follow me. The weather’s been much better so getting the chance to do a little bit of running and the belly and those love handles should be trimming down soon 😉 Until then, I’m enjoying the extra padding lol

Onto another topic, this blog seems to be approaching 49,000 hits and 50,000 seems to be just around the corner too–what should I do? Add suggestions on my blog and I will do my best to do all requests, depending on the amount of nudity, I will do it either on my blog or via PM. Of course, this is within reason–I won’t be doing anything too much so watersports and beyond are not gonna happen. But I will definitely entertain all other requests when/if I reach 50,000 hits. Requests MUST be made in the comments field of this blog in order for me to respond. As I said, within reason, pretty much anything goes. 😉



En esta época del año no deja de ser muy ocupado para mí , buena ocupado pero había mucha gente , no obstante. Sólo pensé en compartir una foto rápida con mis amigos para mostrar mi agradecimiento por seguir sígueme. El clima ha sido mucho mejor así que tener la oportunidad de hacer un poco de correr y el vientre y las manijas del amor se deben ajustar abajo pronto 😉 Hasta entonces , estoy disfrutando de la carnes de más lol

Sobre otro tema , este blog parece acercarse 49.000 visitas y 50.000 parece estar a la vuelta de la esquina también – ¿qué debo hacer ? Añadir sugerencias en mi blog y voy a hacer mi mejor esfuerzo para hacer todas las solicitudes , en función de la cantidad de desnudez, yo lo haré , ya sea en mi blog o via PM . Por supuesto, esto está dentro de razón – no voy a estar haciendo nada demasiado así que los deportes acuáticos y más allá de que no van a pasar . Pero sin duda entretener a todas las otras solicitudes cuando / si alcanzo 50.000 hits. Las solicitudes deben hacerse en el apartado de comentarios de este blog con el fin de que responda . Como ya he dicho , dentro de lo razonable , casi todo vale. 😉