To the briefs wearers out there…


I’ve just joined a new site: For you brief wearers out there, share stories, pictures etc. Add me: undrwearpropht. If I don’t have time to do an entire post on here, I might just post some pics a few times a week on there 😉

Wednesday Bone-us!


Good Morning Everyone!

I woke up in a great mood today–hard and ready to go! You might not be able to see it in the pic, but underneath those briefs is a raging Wednesday morning hard-on and it remains hard as I write this short note. Take a look, save it, share it, use it as much and in whatever way you like–but I want to hear about what you plan to do with the pic or what you would do with the hard on if I were there with you. Please post comments on my blog, not my Facebook page–I can’t always access my Facebook throughout the day, but I do get messages when I receive comments on my blog. I want to be in a meeting in my suit, read a comment and get a hard on in my briefs and see it pushing out of my snug suit pants because of your comments. Can you make me hard today?

Buenos días a todos!

Me desperté en un gran estado de ánimo hoy – duro y listo para ir! Puede que no seas capaz de ver en la foto, pero por debajo de esos calzoncillos es un miércoles por la mañana furiosa erección y sigue siendo difícil mientras escribo esta breve nota. Echa un vistazo, guardarlo, compartirlo, lo utilizan como mucho y en cualquier forma que le guste – pero yo quiero saber nada de lo que planea hacer con el pic o qué usted haría con el disco en si estuviera allí con usted. Por favor, enviar comentarios en mi blog, no es mi página de Facebook – no siempre puedo acceder a mi Facebook durante todo el día, pero sí recibir mensajes cuando recibo comentarios en mi blog. Quiero estar en una reunión en mi traje, leer un comentario y obtener una erección en mis calzoncillos y verla empujando fuera de mis pantalones de traje ajustados por tus comentarios. ¿Puedes hacer que me dura hoy?

Unexpected Boners

I’d love to know your unexpected boner stories and I’m sure others would too–add your story to my comments.
Here’s mine:
I used to be an avid runner before some knee problems and have since given up for a while. Every day after work, I’d drive to a quiet stretch of trail where no one ever passed through. If anyone actually did, it would take way too long to return to where the path began and it was also relatively secluded in the city. I came across it accidentally one day when I had to pull in to the parking lot to take a phone call. Once I found it, I went back pretty much every day while the weather would allow me. Once there, I’d turn on my mp3 player and just run, very rarely ever seeing another individual along the way–maybe once every 1-2 weeks of running every day. Well, one day, I found myself very much a part of the moment–the sun was shining, the sky was blue, sweat was dripping down my stomach and my back and soaking the front and back of my grey bikini briefs through my grey basketball shorts. Something about the moment made me hard while I was running and the more I thought about my hard on, the harder it got. I had even considered finding a quiet spot to jerk off in nature and that made me even harder, but knowing that if I got caught, I’d probably be arrested. So, I just kept running and as I approached the stretch of path that would have taken me to the end, I didn’t want to be seen with my raging hard on and decided to turn around–much to my surprise two park workers were coming toward me about 25
Feet away in a golf cart. There was nothing I could do except keep running in their direction, hoping they wouldn’t notice. But there was no possible way they couldn’t as I ran toward them, boner bouncing around. It went down very quickly out of embarrassment and fear that something would happen as a result. When I got back to my car, exhilaration took over again and as I pulled off my shorts and threw on some sweatpants over my soaking grey bikini briefs and the hard on came back and it lasted almost the entire drive home. Again, add your stories in the comments.

This week’s Sunday Undies…


Just regular black Jockey briefs today. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to everyone for sending your briefs pics, I’m enjoying them all!! Stroking my hard cock while checking out your pics, is my favourite part of ever day! Keep ’em coming, guys!

Wishing you another Happy Sunday!


Still waiting for YOUR briefs pics! I’ve given you more than my share and I think it’s time that you reciprocate 😉 Send me your pics, don’t be shy–they’re for my own enjoyment! 🙂

A la espera de sus fotos calzoncillos! Te he dado más de mi parte y creo que es hora de que usted sea recíproco;) Envíenme sus fotos, no seas tímido – son para mi propio disfrute! 🙂