49,500 views of my blog…just 500 more until I reach 50,000!!

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I’ve come and gone from my blog and through this entire process, I’ve learned so much about people and more specifically about myself. I am in complete shock that it’s been viewed so many times and I truly appreciate each and every one of your for taking the time to get to know me through this. I wish I were able to devote all of my working time to this and to somehow expand on it in some way. I also wish I had the time to chat with each and every one of you on a daily basis to learn more about you and your daily lives–however, I have a job and my life outside of this that keep me VERY busy–I thank all of you for taking the time to try to learn more about me and my life–of course, I do like to keep some things private. I also would like to thank most of your for respecting this. However, I am always glad to learn more about your lives. Thank you for all of your support, still trying to figure out how to commemorate 50,000 when it comes and still accepting suggestions. Thank you again and all the best!


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