HARD way to start the week!


What that hand is hiding is a raging hard on. My cock gets ver hard when I think about you guys checking out my pics and reading my blog–I’m just about going to go and stroke it right now thinking about it. I want to hear more from you–have we stroked together? Have you stroked your cock while enjoying my pics? How many times? What would you do if I were there with you? I want to read it all. As I write this, I’m just getting harder thinking about it. Tell me all of the details.


4 thoughts on “HARD way to start the week!

  1. We have stroked together, but I am the one who usually cums in front of you, I do stroke to your photos as times of you in your briefs.. I think I would like to have a mini circle jerk with you, and or give each other oral sex.


    1. Undoubtedly, we will stroke together again. Soon, I hope. Glad to hear that you stroke to my photos, it’s nice to know someone gets enjoyment from them and I get hard thinking about that! And a nice warm wet mouth on my cock is always a good thing 😉


      1. It would be nice to stroke together soon, but I hope to see you cum in front of me more though. I highly enjoy seeing another guy cum?


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