Am I Bisexual or do I have a fetish? Who cares? Wanna see my briefs?


Interesting question I’ve been asking myself these days. Am I bisexual or do I just have a specific fetish? Before I started this blog, I never gave underwear a second thought, except to say that I am definitely a briefs guy. But since starting this blog and chatting with so many great guys, I’ve developed a bit of a….well, I don’t really know. I often chat with guys and almost always show my briefs during these chats, it didn’t really bother me either way at all in the beginning–it’s just my underwear. Well, since then, I’ve come to ‘get off’ on showing my briefs. Maybe it’s an ego thing or an exhibitionist thing, but I kind of like it, in fact, I tend to get hard when I do it. Now, when it comes to men, it is the only time I ever feel any kind of sexual arousal. So, is my ego? The power? The exhibitionism? I really don’t know. I do know that when the other guy on the other end shows that he’s hard, I tend to enjoy it more. By no means am I planning on fighting it or ashamed of it, or is it necessary for me to label, but as a human, I guess I am trying to label myself in some way. So, go ahead. Ask me to show, I welcome it and I welcome the opportunity to see you in your briefs too. Instead of struggling with trying to figure out my sexuality, I am going to embrace it. So you wanna see me in my briefs? Just ask 😉