Very busy these days and Happy American Thanksgiving!!!

Sorry everyone!! I haven’t had the opportunity to follow up with anyone else ‘s requests i.e. What’s your fantasy?
I’ve been insanely busy, but am occasionally able to chat on Yahoo messenger if you want to add me. If I appear offline, I may be unable to chat, already chatting with someone or I may actually be offline (which is most likely), but send me a message anyway and I’d be more than happy to reply ASAP. No new pics these days, but if you guys want to send me some of yours, I can try to post them for you. If you’re also interested, you can add your contact info and perhaps if someone likes what they see, they can contact you and maybe something more 😉 I hope you’re all well and it looks like I’m approaching 35,000 hits, which again, is unfathomable to me–but very much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the U.S.! The winter holidays are just around the corner! Be we’ll and play safe!

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