What’s your fantasy?

Send me a message, add a comment, or email me your fantasy and I can try to act it out for you. Or, set you up with someone in your area who can physically help your fantasy come true. Pantsings, wedgies or whatever. I will try my best to do it myself. About a month ago, while traveling for business, I happened to be in the same town as a friend I’d met on here and as a realtor, he had mentioned that his fantasy was to show a house to a client and while walking upstairs behind his male client, he would lose his balance, reach to steady himself and in the process, pull down his client’s pants. Well, I was able to enact that for him while I was in New York. Unfortunately for me and my drawstring pants, he ripped almost half of my pants away leaving a huge rip in the butt/side. It was a funny story and I didn’t have to go too far and no one saw, so no harm done. But, it was kind of fun to help out a buddy and hope he enjoyed it. So, what can I do for you?

13 thoughts on “What’s your fantasy?

  1. I wish you would let me do that to you or you can do it to me. Or you could let me watch you undress from inside your closet. That would be really hot.


    1. Roger, send me a message. Where are you? You never know. It’s kind of a fun thing to do, but I think you should know that nothing else happened or will likely happen. We went for a beer after I changed my pants and that was it. Just to clarify.


    1. Hey Anonymous, where are you? You can contact me at any of the addresses on my blog and who knows, maybe we can make that happen, depending on your location. I’ve never wrestled in briefs before but it might be fun.


  2. I am a state trooper in NY. While still in my uniform, would love to go into one of the rest area men’s rooms…. Go up to the urinal, start pissing then have you come up behind me and pull my pants down. Leaving me standing there in just my regular white briefs.


    1. Ben, I also only wear tighty whities with my suits, jeans, gym shorts (Hanes, FOTL, Jockeys), would be hot to yank down your trooper pants and feel your rump covered in the soft white briefs!! woof


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