Very busy these days and Happy American Thanksgiving!!!

Sorry everyone!! I haven’t had the opportunity to follow up with anyone else ‘s requests i.e. What’s your fantasy?
I’ve been insanely busy, but am occasionally able to chat on Yahoo messenger if you want to add me. If I appear offline, I may be unable to chat, already chatting with someone or I may actually be offline (which is most likely), but send me a message anyway and I’d be more than happy to reply ASAP. No new pics these days, but if you guys want to send me some of yours, I can try to post them for you. If you’re also interested, you can add your contact info and perhaps if someone likes what they see, they can contact you and maybe something more ūüėČ I hope you’re all well and it looks like I’m approaching 35,000 hits, which again, is unfathomable to me–but very much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the U.S.! The winter holidays are just around the corner! Be we’ll and play safe!

What’s your fantasy?

Send me a message, add a comment, or email me your fantasy and I can try to act it out for you. Or, set you up with someone in your area who can physically help your fantasy come true. Pantsings, wedgies or whatever. I will try my best to do it myself. About a month ago, while traveling for business, I happened to be in the same town as a friend I’d met on here and as a realtor, he had mentioned that his fantasy was to show a house to a client and while walking upstairs behind his male client, he would¬†lose his balance, reach to steady himself and in the process, pull down his client’s pants. Well, I was able to enact that for him while I was in New York. Unfortunately for me and my drawstring pants, he ripped almost half of my pants away¬†leaving a huge rip in the butt/side. It was a funny story and I didn’t have to go too far and no one saw, so no harm done. But, it was kind of fun to help out a buddy and hope he enjoyed it. So, what can I do for you?

Almost 30,000 hits. Wtf?!

Ok my friends, I’m going to try to think of something fun to do to celebrate this momentous occasion. Suggestions are always welcome. I’d been asked by many to get a pic with my buddy who convinced to start this blog in the first place, both in our underwear, sorry to say that we’re actually living in different countries now. If we have a reunion, I’ll let him know and see if he’s up for it–don’t hold your collective breath lol In all honesty, I’ve run out of ideas. I do apologize for the lack of posts these days. I’ll try to buy some more underwear and do some self-pics soon. In the meantime, please continue to send requests for advice, ideas for posts and ideas to celebrate my 30,000hit anniversary! All the best!