Bulge request


OK, all of you perverts! lol Here is the bulge request you asked for. And in white briefs, which was another request.

Keep adding and contacting me guys, I’m having a great time chatting with everyone!  I’m super busy with work these days, but I’ve been able to work from home a lot lately.

In other news, I’m excited about the potential purchase of a new loft. It’s an interesting space, 1 of 2 lofts on a floor of an old factory. Each loft is separated by a foyer where the elevator and stairs are, entirely made of glass which can see into 99% of the space lol It’s definitely going to require some inventive ways to maintain privacy. The neighbour has chosen sheer curtains! hahaha I couldn’t tell if it was a man, woman, or couple living there.I’m guessing if I take it, I will definitely find out who is living there and will get to know whoever it is very intimately haha Otherwise it is an amazingly beautiful space, with great views of the city, top floor, 150 yr old building with original woodwork. It’s empty now and a vast open space to do with what I choose. Pretty excited at the prospect and a great price! So low, i’m wondering it it’s haunted or something  (maybe I watch too many of those ghost shows!) lol

Again, please add me on yahoo at: underwearprophet


MSN: underwearprophet@hotmail.com

Although I’m busy, I have some pretty flexible times to chat and I’m really having a good time getting to know so many of you!

Also, please follow my blog if you want updates. I will take some requests, within reason. And as always, if you have an idea for a post PLEASE let me know! AND KEEP COMMENTING! I love your comments, guys!

Be well and be safe!


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