In the beginning….

Wow! I’ve received more than 23,000 hits, I have 41 followers, countless friends on Yahoo! and I’m building a good list of friends on Facebook. The support has been very overwhelming. It’s amazing to know that some of my advice has helped people. I really believe if it helps even one person, I’ve accomplished my goal.

It all started when my buddy Donny and I were talking, I had given him advice, and he told me I was his ‘guru’. That was amazing to hear because Donny is an incredibly successful businessman with a thriving business. He told me that I should go back to school and become a psychologist because I put people at ease. Well, I’m very happy with my current career, so I didn’t really want to go back to school to do something different. However, as I do enjoy helping people, he suggested creating a blog and providing advice for people. I could even do it from the comfort of my own home in my underwear! And the Underwear Prophet was born!

Shortly after, I had forgotten about the idea as it had been discussed over some stiff drinks. However, Donny, being the amazing entrepreneur that he is, hadn’t forgotten at all. He came to me with a list of ideas for the blog, as well as some questions to give advice on. He can be a bit pushy when he’s inspired, so I went with it. A couple hours later, I was at home, in my briefs, while Donny took some pics of me on his iPhone. This is the one we started off with.

Forgive the quality, somewhere along the line, I messed it up and over-pixelated it. It was a funny afternoon that neither of us will ever forget. Well, I created the blog and answered the questions as best I could. Shortly after, I started to receive more and more hits, people liked the blog and the advice, my frankness and openness. Personally, I think it was just the underwear lol

The truth is, I’m a straight guy who is completely comfortable with talking to anyone about anything. I’m well-traveled, and well-partied and I’ve pretty much seen it all…and some. When I received 10,000 hits, to celebrate, I asked the readers what they would like. I got an overwhelming response to post more pics of me in my briefs, so my friend Donny came over and took some more lol Over the past couple years, I’ve tried to update as much as possible–sometimes it can be difficult to do so. But I’ve come to enjoy chatting with some amazing people, sometimes it’s about underwear, sometimes it’s not. Admittedly, the attention has been a nice ego boost. I don’t mind showing my briefs when I’m chatting, but I probably won’t do more. I’m really not into underwear at all, it has just become a focus of the blog, and I’m happy that some people enjoy it. I appreciate the attention and flattery more than I thought I would. Please see my previous post for more info on that.

So, I’d really like to thank everyone for their support. I will try to continue to post more. I ask that you provide me with questions that you have, and I will give the best advice I can. Also, please comment! I like hearing any suggestions or anything you might have to say!

Take care!




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