First, to celebrate my 20,000+ viewers, and as the new Spiderman is coming out, here’s me in some KIDS XL Spiderman underoos lol

Sorry it’s been so long, but thanks to those who check back occasionally. Add me on Yahoo: underwearprophet (if you catch me on the right moment, I might show a little 😉

You can also add me on Facebook on the right, go to the link and add me..I have no friends on this ID yet 😦


2 thoughts on “Add me on Yahoo: UNDERWEARPROPHET

  1. Dude, you’re awesome! Had a really great chat with you last night and thanks for showing me the underwear you were wearing. Nice briefs! Can’t wait to chat with you again and hopefully you’ll be kind enough to show me again!


    1. Hey Gary, it was nice getting to know you. No problem about showing you my underwear lol I’m not shy, and if someone wants to see my briefs, it’s flattering so I don’t mind. Chat soon!


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