25,000+ hits and the request is….

As per your requests, add me on Yahoo at: underwearprophet  and I will schedule a time to show my little friend and perhaps tug on him a few times for the viewers. I will try to find a good time and if you can’t make it at that time, maybe I will make special allowances for some good chat friends.


25,000 hits approaching~what do you want from me?

Just like I did with 10,000 hits, I am offering you the opportunity to request anything you like! You can email me at underwearprophet@yahoo.com, add me on yahoo, write a comment (with your email), and I will do my best to fulfill all requests. However, I do want you to know that your requests (if too offensive) are subject to refusal, even though I’m a pretty open guy ;). You can also add me on Facebook, just click on the link to the right! Send me your requests and ideas, I will try to figure out something for you (maybe personally or as a group).


Bulge request


OK, all of you perverts! lol Here is the bulge request you asked for. And in white briefs, which was another request.

Keep adding and contacting me guys, I’m having a great time chatting with everyone!  I’m super busy with work these days, but I’ve been able to work from home a lot lately.

In other news, I’m excited about the potential purchase of a new loft. It’s an interesting space, 1 of 2 lofts on a floor of an old factory. Each loft is separated by a foyer where the elevator and stairs are, entirely made of glass which can see into 99% of the space lol It’s definitely going to require some inventive ways to maintain privacy. The neighbour has chosen sheer curtains! hahaha I couldn’t tell if it was a man, woman, or couple living there.I’m guessing if I take it, I will definitely find out who is living there and will get to know whoever it is very intimately haha Otherwise it is an amazingly beautiful space, with great views of the city, top floor, 150 yr old building with original woodwork. It’s empty now and a vast open space to do with what I choose. Pretty excited at the prospect and a great price! So low, i’m wondering it it’s haunted or something  (maybe I watch too many of those ghost shows!) lol

Again, please add me on yahoo at: underwearprophet


MSN: underwearprophet@hotmail.com

Although I’m busy, I have some pretty flexible times to chat and I’m really having a good time getting to know so many of you!

Also, please follow my blog if you want updates. I will take some requests, within reason. And as always, if you have an idea for a post PLEASE let me know! AND KEEP COMMENTING! I love your comments, guys!

Be well and be safe!


Approaching 25,000 hits and 50 followers!

I remember when I was excited to get my first hit, first comment, and my first follower. Thank you all for your continued support. I’m just 1000 hits away from 25,000 hits, which is absolutely amazing.

I really do hope that you take a look back at some of my older posts. I’d like to explain my writing style a little to you guys, I write what’s on my mind, unless there are requests, and I rarely edit before I post. I write like I speak, and it might be repetitive, but it feels natural to me. Usually, I’m writing on-the-go and have very little time to think about my writing. However, I am constantly thinking and analyzing, so I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to say. So, I’m asking a personal request for all of you, please choose your favourite post and/or a question for me to answer and post it in the comments. I actually have some time on my hands these days and welcome the opportunity to write.

I will leave you with my money shot, in thanks 😉


In the beginning….

Wow! I’ve received more than 23,000 hits, I have 41 followers, countless friends on Yahoo! and I’m building a good list of friends on Facebook. The support has been very overwhelming. It’s amazing to know that some of my advice has helped people. I really believe if it helps even one person, I’ve accomplished my goal.

It all started when my buddy Donny and I were talking, I had given him advice, and he told me I was his ‘guru’. That was amazing to hear because Donny is an incredibly successful businessman with a thriving business. He told me that I should go back to school and become a psychologist because I put people at ease. Well, I’m very happy with my current career, so I didn’t really want to go back to school to do something different. However, as I do enjoy helping people, he suggested creating a blog and providing advice for people. I could even do it from the comfort of my own home in my underwear! And the Underwear Prophet was born!

Shortly after, I had forgotten about the idea as it had been discussed over some stiff drinks. However, Donny, being the amazing entrepreneur that he is, hadn’t forgotten at all. He came to me with a list of ideas for the blog, as well as some questions to give advice on. He can be a bit pushy when he’s inspired, so I went with it. A couple hours later, I was at home, in my briefs, while Donny took some pics of me on his iPhone. This is the one we started off with.

Forgive the quality, somewhere along the line, I messed it up and over-pixelated it. It was a funny afternoon that neither of us will ever forget. Well, I created the blog and answered the questions as best I could. Shortly after, I started to receive more and more hits, people liked the blog and the advice, my frankness and openness. Personally, I think it was just the underwear lol

The truth is, I’m a straight guy who is completely comfortable with talking to anyone about anything. I’m well-traveled, and well-partied and I’ve pretty much seen it all…and some. When I received 10,000 hits, to celebrate, I asked the readers what they would like. I got an overwhelming response to post more pics of me in my briefs, so my friend Donny came over and took some more lol Over the past couple years, I’ve tried to update as much as possible–sometimes it can be difficult to do so. But I’ve come to enjoy chatting with some amazing people, sometimes it’s about underwear, sometimes it’s not. Admittedly, the attention has been a nice ego boost. I don’t mind showing my briefs when I’m chatting, but I probably won’t do more. I’m really not into underwear at all, it has just become a focus of the blog, and I’m happy that some people enjoy it. I appreciate the attention and flattery more than I thought I would. Please see my previous post for more info on that.

So, I’d really like to thank everyone for their support. I will try to continue to post more. I ask that you provide me with questions that you have, and I will give the best advice I can. Also, please comment! I like hearing any suggestions or anything you might have to say!

Take care!




Pantsings, underwear and sexuality, and more…

So, I had a late-night chat with a young man who has just left high school and is preparing for college. This chat raised many new questions and helped me to learn about myself a little more.

We’ll start out with the reason he tried to chat with me, and that was the fact that he had been somewhat bullied and harassed by his choice in underwear, of all things! It seem in the US there is a stigma in regards to wearing ‘tight whities’ and as a result, some of the other guys at school and including a teacher decided to make fun of him because of it. Underwear! When I started this blog, I never really cared much about underwear at all. I just thought I could provide some answers to questions, at home in my underwear, which is how I spend most of my time at home.

Well, it seems that underwear is important to a lot of people. Some people are turned on by women in underwear, guys in underwear, wearing women’s underwear etc. etc. And most shocking of all, it is apparently important what kind of underwear a young guy decides to wear. Why this is anyone else’s business or reason for ridicule is beyond me. I simply do not understand the stigma attached to wearing some white briefs. He stopped wearing briefs, not because of a choice, but because of peer pressure–there’s peer pressure, to drink, smoke, do drugs, and now to wear underwear haha It all seems so crazy to me. Anyway, this young man read one of my earlier posts and decided that he would proudly wear briefs again because he found them to be most comfortable and also because he does derive some pleasure from briefs. I also hadn’t realized nor understood this pleasure in terms of men’s underwear, before writing this blog. So, I’m learning things left and right! In the immortal words of Michelangelo “Ancora Imparo” which translates to, “I’m still learning” or “I’m always learning”, depending on the translation. Not only am I learning about others, but I’m also learning about myself–which I will come back to later.

Now the second thing this young man and I spoke about is the fact that he does not consider himself to be gay, but he becomes sexually aroused by wearing and seeing other guys in their underwear (his preference is white briefs). Now, I am not a professional, but I consider myself to be an observer of people. As such, I try to learn about people, who they are, and why they are the way that they are. In my life, I’ve come to realize that there are many different degrees of sexuality–it is certainly not just straight, gay, and bisexual (some even believe that bisexuality does not truly exist); I will tackle bisexuality now as an example. Many claim that ‘bisexuality is a stopover on the way to Gayville’. That may be true and it may not be, but what i do believe is that one’s sexuality can shift or morph into something different. While I believe that people are born MOSTLY gay or straight, I also believe that experience can alter this one way or the other. This is why I believe that nature and nurture both play a role in developing sexualities. So, when people identify themselves as bisexual, their experiences could push them to either end of the sexuality spectrum, or it could keep them hovering around the middle as bisexual. As a side note, I recently became aware of those who are asexual and although I had heard of its existence, I came across someone who is asexual–I don’t know much about this, I will do my research and if anyone has any knowledge, please add me and share. Overall, I believe that it is not necessary to identify ones self under any particular label, nor do I think it’s anyone else’s business to inquire. As long as you’re safe and responsible, not hurtful of anyone or anything, I believe everyone is different and that’s ok. To label ourselves if we’re unsure, is unnecessary and instead of everyone being inclusive, I believe it can cause isolation. So, until you determine who you are, if that ever even happens, it is no one else’s business. Allow yourself to be open to new experiences, I have and I will continue to be until I die.

Since I began this blog, I have chatted with hundreds of people. Some have been short chats, some longer, and some have gone on over a long period of time. Some have even caused discomfort because the experience has been more that I am comfortable with at the time. I have been mostly heterosexual my entire life, with 99% heterosexual experiences. However, I have chatted with many guys and as I am completely comfortable with myself, I have shown my briefs…and even more :O!! haha I’ve found that getting to know a new person can be an amazing experience in every way and I have learned that seeing me in my underwear can be a turn on for some guys. That has, in turn, become a bit of a turn on for me in some ways. I realize that I get turned on by the fact that others are turned on by me and by the attention. I also get a little turned on by teasing some guys. I admit it. Although I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it at first, I even jerked off on cam for a guy who I felt kind of pressured by. That discomfort made me feel a little objectified and I did not want to chat with any guys for a while, so I didn’t. Anyway, I’ve come to realize that it’s all OK. I wasn’t really uncomfortable with jerking off with another guy on cam, (I figured what the hell, it’s an experience) it was the pressure to do it again and again. I’m a very sexual guy and I realize that I get turned on by so many things and there’s nothing wrong with that, so under the right circumstances, who knows, I might do it again.

Back to my new young friend. Although he didn’t  enjoy the bullying and harassing, these guys would occasionally pants him to his briefs, and he now looks to those pantsings and is turned on by the memories, and enjoys seeing other guys embarrassed and vulnerable in their briefs. I hadn’t thought about it in years, but I had a very embarrassing pantsing story from high school that, in retrospect, was a bit of a turn on. When I was in high school (it was an all-boys school in the 90’s), most guys wore briefs where I was from, and mostly coloured (myself included and still do). I had just had P.E., it was lunchtime and everyone was in the main hallway that I was walking through. I was walking from the gym to my locker with all of my books in my arms and still in my sweats (I’m sure you can guess where this is going). A friend came up behind me, and pulled down my sweat pants, I was wearing red bikini briefs. I had an armful of books which I had to put down to pull up my pants. About 50-100 guys (including teachers) saw me, pointed and laughed. It was one of the most humiliating experiences and guys from my high school days still joke about it, but I got a little turned on thinking about it last night when I recalled the story.

I never would have ever expected something like underwear, which I never really thought of, as becoming such a big part of my online life–its kind of spiralled into something completely unexpected. It’s also changed me as a person, when I think about the many things that make up the psyche. I could go on for hours, but I will save all of that for another post.

Be safe and be well!

Kind regards,


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I’m just a normal guy who likes to chat and make new friends. Yes, I’m straight, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy chatting with gay men. This blog seems to have become about underwear, although the original purpose was to help with problems, give advice etc. from the comfort of home in my underwear lol Yes, I have shown my underwear, when requested, which doesn’t bother me…to me, it’s just underwear. I am very flattered by the attention, and although I haven’t had the chance to update much, I am amazed by the number of guys who have continued to stay in touch. By all means, add me, and let’s get to know each other!