Working Hard? How do you relax?

Well, I have to finally stand up and say it, “I am a workaholic.” Although, I vowed a long time ago that I would never work as hard as my father did, I have succumbed.

It all creeped up on me so quickly, I didn’t know it was coming and I had no idea how powerful a drug work can be, but I am an addict~addicted to working! It does help that I enjoy my job, I get paid well, and that I am surrounded by other hard working (workaholic) individuals. I suppose it is true, when you are surrounded by other addicts, everyone becomes enablers for each other. I knew I had a problem when I took a week vacation and went into work two days of that week, and seriously debated going in on another day.

In these hard times, I feel that I should be grateful for having a job, so I don’t mind working hard to hold onto it. There are so many people who are far less fortunate than I am, and I can’t in good conscience, become lazy. Let’s face it, there are some people who work as little as possible, and demand so much. I work my ass off, just to hold onto my job. The truth is, I have a great deal of job security, so I don’t really know why I feel that way. More money, I guess…but, it’s not as if I buy expensive things. I suppose it is that fear that I could one day lose my job. Strange, I suppose. Anyway, I realised after considering going in on my day off, that I need to learn how to relax.

How do you relax? For the most part, the gym is where i work off stress, but I would never consider that my relaxation. I used to run to relax, until a knee injury took me down. I used to go out and meet friends for dinner and drinks etc., but I found that it began to seriously affect my health and it becomes so expensive and it’s a shame to waste that money when others are in need.  I try to read, but I often get sidetracked and lose concentration. I actually have one weakness (other than internet porn ;)) and that is actually watching old episodes of Scooby Doo. I never thought I would use the words scooby doo and internet porn in the same sentence…and I just did it twice! But, I think if I do both/either too much, it may lead to other problems haha I have two dogs I often take for walks, but the weather is so hot, it’s just too difficult for them to walk too much. So what do I do? I need something productive, yet relaxing~something that will take my mind off work.

What do you do?