Underwear shopping website~ a little plug

Get it Covered As my following seems to be mostly underwear afficianados, I thought I’d give a little plug for a nice guy whose been following some of my posts. It’s based out of Ireland, but they do international shipping, I’ll probably make a purchase myself, in the next few weeks. There’s even a buy one get one free on some of the underwear, right now. These are the undies he recommended for me, although I am a die-hard brief fan, they’re pretty brief so, I like them a lot! If you take a look through the site, buy many for you and you can even recommend some for me..who knows, if there’s something I see, I might make a purchase and sport them on this site again 😉 I’ve done it once already, it seems much easier now haha

Any websites, underwear related, you’d like to plug? Of course, I will include the website that has provided me with so many hits on my site~thanks again, Underwear 4 Men!!!
Underwear 4 Men

I will have some free time coming up, are there any requests for topic/post ideas? I’ve been crazy busy, so I haven’t had any time to add anything to this site. But, if my iPhone gets some rest, maybe I can create a post via wordpress for iphone! Take care 😉

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