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Underwear Choice Poll Results

Wow, I had no idea how busy I was until I checked the date of my last major post and it realised it was over a month ago~”What’s Sexuality Got to Do With It?” which was preceded by my embarrassing (and surprisingly well-received 10,000+ entry showcasing pics of me in my briefs, still in shock over the response I’ve received from that entry~Thanks guys!)
Pics of me in my briefs
Let’s just say I have had some interesting chats as a result of that post haha Thanks for that, too, guys!

Also on the topic of underwear, is the underwear poll results and as you can tell, briefs is the clear winner! Thanks for taking the time to vote.

The past month or so has been been insanely busy, I just returned from Hong Kong last week, after a wonderful but busy week-long trip. I’ve also had a ton of projects (some work-related, some not)on the go.

Along with all of that insanity is the fact that since I have begun this blog, I have learned so much about myself  and others and I have also experienced some things I never thought I ever would. It’s been a Hell of a roller coaster ride. I now stand at a crossroads and wonder in what direction I would like to go with this blog. I enjoy giving advice and so many people have thanked me for the advice I have given, as well as sharing so many of my experiences. I have opened myself up to so much and in the process I have enjoyed so many things that I never thought I would. Don’t close yourself off from trying something new, you never know how much you might enjoy it!

Until next time, take care and please…suggestions are always welcome!

**Despite how it seems, this blog is not solely about underwear.  I started the blog to offer advice, my friends suggested I be called the underwear prophet because I can give advice at home in my underwear. I did a post about underwear a while ago and seemed to have gained a following of male underwear fetishists. Guys, you’re great and I have enjoyed chatting with all of you, but if you chat with me, please chat with me not at me…in other words, please don’t start of chats by asking what underwear I’m wearing, ‘Hello’ is always a nice way to begin things. I have no problem chatting about underwear (in fact, I’ve even gone on webcam and shown my underwear, to a kind and respectful guy or two). I actually don’t have an underwear fetish, but I am open and have no judgments, just be respectful, please.