If I reach 10, 000 hits by the 2 month mark.

May 14th will be 2 months since I began my blog, I’m already at 9000+ hits, which is shocking, really! What can/ should I do to celebrate that milestone? I need suggestions! You can add a comment ( you don’t need to register or include contact info), you can email me at underwearprophet@yahoo.com
or you can send me an IM on the meebo chat window ( I have an iPhone so I’m pretty much always signed in). I will take the top 4 or 5 suggestions and make a poll out of it. So, let me know:)

9 thoughts on “If I reach 10, 000 hits by the 2 month mark.

    1. Not sure if anyone wants to see that! But, I will consider it if that is the only option hahaha But, I’m not sure how comfortable I will feel doing that, if this is my only option, maybe I will take another pic of me in my underwear and send it privately to anyone who requests it. I hope there are other suggestions out there, pleeeease lol


  1. I’m with Marc, I want to see you in some more briefs! So, that’s 2 votes for underwear and can you make them colored briefs, too! Thanks 🙂


    1. OK guys, since no one else has made any other suggestions, it looks like I will be getting my buddy to take me in some more pics of me in my briefs. I was thinking more like a contest or something haha But, you made the requests, so I will honor it. However, I won’t keep them up forever. Maybe 24 hours. I will wear a hat and tshirt too, to maintain some sort of modesty!


  2. White briefs are a classic, but colored briefs have their upsides too. Do whatever feels right at the moment. I personally can’t want for those pics…
    : )


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