So you want to get a dog, here’s some advice….

Don’t do it. Unless you’re completely serious.

I live in Korea which can be a very transitory place; many foreigners come, get lonely and think to themselves, “I want a dog.” A year long contract finishes and they want to go home, so they post dogs for sale or free dog postings for someone to take their dog because they’re going home. I think these people are some of the lowest human beings on earth. To take a dog in and give it a home and a life and then take that away from them. They think, well at least I gave it a home, yeah you did but you might have taken away its opportunity to go to someone who would take care of it for its entire life. We have two dogs and a rabbit, the rabbit was a foreigner’s rabbit who was going home and blah blah blah.

I had a dog growing up who lived until she was eighteen years old! Essentially owning a dog is like having a child, it is a long committment and you should be willing to make that committment once you get one~ the same applies for any pet! Dogs are very sensitive, believe it or not. How would you feel if you had a home that was taken away from you? Getting a pet and abandoning it is a selfish act, it is a living creature and should be treated with respect. Don’t get a pet for your own selfish needs, make it part of your family and treat it as such. If you want a pet but, you have to ask if you should get one… Look for one with a short lifespan, if you can handle taking care of that, then ask yourself again if you should get a dog. I think your answer will be no. When you don’t even have to ask yourself if you’re ready, then perhaps you should look into it. I would have ten dogs if I could, but I know my life’s limitations. So should you.

2 thoughts on “So you want to get a dog, here’s some advice….

  1. Thanks, I appreciate your comment. You’re right, they are definitely not disposable. I wish I could save every pet from owners who don’t appreciate the fact that pets, are like children, the major difference is that pets won’t grow up and leave you, they will stay by your side their entire lives.


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