Summer vacation~where should I go? Part I

OK, so for those of you who are college students, university students,graduates, teachers and so on…now that spring break has come, you’re going to want to stay on your vacation high as long as possible. Now is the time to start planning for your upcoming summer vacation, it really is just around the corner and if you haven’t started saving, now is the time to do it. But, what should you save for? Where should you go?

The choice you make for your summer vacation is not an easy one. It’s the time of year when the cities are getting hotter and you may want to escape the heat, or you might want to go somewhere even hotter with great beaches. You might be finishing your first year of college, so you’re going to want to continue that first year vibe going and go to a party locale. It could be that you are graduating, and your tastes have become a little more sophisticated, but you’re still a little nostalgic for the college party scene. Finally, maybe you’re a young teacher and want to go somewhere to enjoy your summer off. The possibilities, as well as your options are endless.

The Caribbean for college/university students. You want cheap, fun and lots of sex, right? Go on a cruise to one of the less expensive ports of call. My advice to you, try Carnival cruise lines, look for short trips that go to Nassau, Bahamas. If it goes to Nassau, those of who worked on cruise ships know it as a party cruise. I didn’t work for Carnival, but it is definitely a party cruise line. Look for any cruise that offers an overnight stay in one of the ports. It gives you a variety of different ports to see and allows you to enjoy the amenities on the ship. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. Of course, if you really want to just party, get laid and save a lot of money. Road trip to anywhere that gives you what you want, Florida is always an option. You don’t actually get to see much, but really do you want to see anything other than the bar, your bed and the beach? Legal drinking age in Barbados and Antigua are 16 years old! Jamaica does not have a legal drinking age. Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, St. Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago and of course Canada are all 18/19 and over to drink. If you’re in Europe, is there anywhere in the world better to party than Spain (Ibiza and Majorca)? I think not. If you’re 18-30, you HAVE to party in Ibiza!!!! You just HAVE to! One summer I caught the end of the party season in Ibiza and then headed to Munich for Oktoberfest. MY GOD!!! Helluvanamazing time (although, it’s a little bit after the summer)!! Ah, if you’re not American, I highly highly recommend Cuba.

OK so, you’re getting older and are past the party scene. A cruise, as I mentioned before is still a good choice. I would recommend not going on Carnival, too many partiers and too many kids. Go for Royal Caribbean’s summer vacation to Bermuda! You have one day to sail there, one day to sail back and the rest of the time you are anchored in Bermuda to come and go as you please. You have the best of both worlds as you can enjoy the entertainment onboard the ship, along with the food. Then, you have the freedom to come and go as you please from the ship 24 hours a day. It’s a great island, rent scooters for the week, explore and soon you will feel truly at home and never want to leave. I spent 2 entire summers in Bermuda, I loved every minute of it. It still feels like home away from home. Another option is South America. Buenos Aires is incredible and it’s like Europe without going to Europe in the summer, and their winter is the North American summer, so you can escape the stifling heat but still enjoy a great time. Of course, there is also a backpacking trip around Europe. Highly recommended, go with a friend or two, no more! Too many friends have too many choices about where to go and what to do. Keep your belongings safe. Budget for a private room in hostiles to have better insurance that your things won’t be stolen. I stayed with my friend in a communal room one night, and my Tag Heuer watch was stolen from my bag that was locked to my bed, just inches away from face. Not only was this the only time we stayed in a communal room, but it was the only time before or after that I forgot to lock my bag. I know, I was stupid. BTW don’t get too drunk in Europe for your own safety.
You’re getting older and you have more money to spend, but you want a relaxing vacation with no pressure. Spend the extra money to go to Thailand. When you get there, everything is dirt cheap, including accommodations and food and damn, the food is phenomenal!! Thailand is still even relatively safe enough to travel on your own. Not only that, but the people are wonderful.
If you want something different, and active and don’t mind getting away from the heat. But, you want to have a mix of both rugged nature and fine dining. Definitely go on an Alaskan cruise, there’s glacier hiking, kayaking etc. etc. There are virtually no people there partying, but the age is starting to go down so that there are people of all ages going on these cruises. On top of that, the home port for most cruiselines is usually Vancouver which is a phenomenally beautiful city to begin with. I have never heard of anyone complaining about their cruise to Alaska.

When I have time, I will sit down and do Part II asap. If you have any questions, let me know.

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