I feel so unproductive.

Q: These days, my productivity is at an all-time low. What should I do?

A:Well, first, it depends on why your productivity is at an all-time low. If it’s low energy, perhaps a change in your diet could be in order. Too many carbs? When you eat carbs, your blood sugar spikes causing a burst of energy. However, a it falls, the result is a lack of energy. If that’s not it, maybe you’re lacking vitamins. Again, a more balanced diet should provide those. Another alternative is vitamin supplements, a B complex vitamin along with Vitamin C helps out tremendously with these kinds of feelings. Of course, exercise will actually brig up your energy level as well. Start with walks in the morning and at night, use stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Don’t ever take an elevator when going up or down one floor. Walk to the store instead of driving. Little changes like these can create a huge shift in your energy level and out look.

Another option is to clear away clutter, minimize as much as possible. Go through your home and get rid of anything you don’t really need. The ugly table you hate, or the chair with the wonky leg. Dispose of them, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Really. I lived in an apartment with a flatmate, who collected so much crap in case we had guests or to increase our work space etc. The result, I hated walking into my home. I began by removing anything unnecessary from my room, then I laid down the law and told him we need to de-clutter, it was either that or our friendship was going to suffer. I did most of the cleaning and I was tired of cleaning up the stuff he brought in. I also followed that with a conversation about a cleaning lady, it worked and my mind felt free to do what I wanted and I didn’t hate coming home anymore. We no longer live together, but we’re still friends so that worked out. Now , our apartment is completely clutter free~with the bare minimum of furniture. Our bedroom only has a bed and two side tables~that’s it and I have never slept better. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but, more sleep has made me more productive.

Now for the biggies, these are the most time-consuming of all…..Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and so on. I felt that I was spending too much time on Facebook, so I deactivated my account. You might be able to do the same things with Myspace and Twitter has its temporary deactivate disabled for the time being. I didn’t delete my account because I have too many pictures etc. I want to keep and I have used facebook as a way to store all of those things. But, without giving it any thought or turning back, I went to accounts, I deactivated my account and that was it. It was not done forever, but I did it for a few weeks until I wasn’t so dependant on and tied to it. I also sent e-mails to my closest friends letting them know that I couldn’t be reached there and gave them an alternative contact address. My productivity increased 10 fold. If you can’t deactivate twitter and myspace, try to make it more difficult to access. Sign out of the accounts, remove them from your bookmarks, bookmark bars, homepage etc. Wherever it is. Hopefully in the time it takes you to type in the address and sign in, you will give it some thought and stop the sign in.
Anything that consumes your time without receiving something of value makes you unproductive. Once you change these things, you will find the most valuable time you have is spent with friends and family. If you calculated how much time you waste or spend doing things that don’t give you any kind of value, how much of that time are you taking away from your loved ones? I bet when you do the numbers, it will be a staggering amount of time that you’re taking away from your life and theirs. Think about that one! Good luck!

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