Sexless relationships.

Ok, so a friend of mine confessed to me that he and his partner have not had sex in a very long time. The thing is that it doesn’t bother either of them, so he says.

Truth time, they spoke about it once a long time ago and decided that they were just not really sexual people and it was more important for them to spend time with each other So he masturbates and I’m sure his partner does the same. Now, to say it doesn’t bother them makes me question it a little. I always feel that humans need to feel attractive or they start to lose their self-esteem.  Being in a sexless relationship doesn’t have to be a bad thing if both parties really feel that way. As long as the communication is there, it should not be a problem. I always feel that love, trust and good communication are the most important things in a relationship and that sex is not all that important. The truth is, if a bond is so strong and that all other aspects of the relationship are fulfilled, then, it’s OK. I believe that the biggest problem with lack of sex in a relationship is the stigma attached to it, if you tell people you haven’t had sex in several months or even as much as a year, people naturally assume there is something wrong with your relationship. Maybe the only thing wrong is thinking that it’s not ok.

As a relationship progresses sometimes, no, often the sex will ween . I think that this affects both parties’ self-esteem, and when couples aren’t having sex, chances are they aren’t talking about the reasons. Perhaps, my friend has it figured out they communicate about it, they still find each other attractive and are very affectionate with each other and make sure the other person still feels attractive. I see them together and the way they look at each other, they look like they are very much in love and they appear to be very happy. It’s not the kind of forced happiness one might expect, but a genuine happiness during fleeting glimpses at each other that someone can’t fake. The funny thing is that in so many couples, one of them cheats on the other and it falls apart. The truth is, their commitment to each other is so strong and they have been together so long that I really can’t imagine one of them cheating on the other. Of course, I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. But, the fact is, most men cheat not because they are lacking something at home, but because they are lacking something in their brains, the ability to say no to an attractive person. But what if the most attractive person to you is waiting for you at home? With sex or not, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

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