The spouse/partner/significant other of someone with a life threatening illness.

Life threatening illnesses are devastating, to say the very least, for the person who is suffering from the illness. I have two friends whose spouses are facing these challenges every day. I use the word challenges only because no word can accurately describe what they are going through.

One is in her mid 30’s and she is in the final stages of terminal cancer, they have one little boy who was born shortly after she first learned that she had breast cancer. Her husband has stood steadfast by her side through the entire ordeal.

The other friend has a spouse who is in his early 30’s and is HIV+. After a very difficult life, one more terrible thing has been added to his burden.

While we think of those suffering as the victims, their spouses/significant others stand beside them, unfaltering. What do we say to them? My advice is to stay supportive, wait until you’re alone to shed your tears, never appear unwavering in your support. Stay strong and stay healthy, for yourself and for those that you love so dearly. Educate yourself on the illness, be aware of any new developments. Stay positive. This is the advice I give to everyone under almost any circumstances, staying positive will get you through the difficult times. If you’re inclined to do so, it never hurts to pray.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is suffering  today, both openly and in silence. Stay strong and stay positive.

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