Self Help Workshops

Several of my friends have asked me what I think about the alternative, spiritual healing workshops. The ones a la The secret etc.

I know many people  who have participated in those self help workshops,the ones that can tap into your behaviour etc. to achieve everything you want to achieve and I think it’s best to save your  money and find something else to invest in. These organisations, groups etc. prey on your insecurities. There is nothing they can teach you that you don’t already have within yourself. Truth be told, shortly after they get involved in them, they are back to their old ways and eventually look for something else to fulfill that need.

The most frustrating part is that these things cost a lot of money, so they are making money off of your insecurities. Don’t give them that money. I had some friends who were teaching one of these workshops and they wanted to charge their friends $500. If you are my friend and I have learned something life altering, I will tell you for free because that is what friends do. If they want to charge you, find some new friends, as they are also the ones who have probably made you feel like there is something wrong with you in the first place. We all go through hard times, but coming through it on your own merit is a valuable life lesson and that’s how we grow and become stronger individuals. Some more politically incorrect people might say they have more money than brains hehe

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